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Chief Executive Officer

Sue collaborates with the healthcare leaders to advance Progressive Health's mission. Previously, she was Director of Development for the Colorado Neurological Institute (CNI) and consulted HealthONE’s Swedish Medical Center. Her industry experience includes fundraising, public speaking, and consulting to Yampa Valley Medical Center, Health Magazine, Vail Associates, and Arizona Heart. Sue graduated from the University of Denver and studied entrepreneurship at CU.


Integrative Care Director, Integrative Health Coach

Background: After devoting 18 years to working for Nordstrom, Kim suffered numerous health issues such as asthma, acid reflex, food allergies, digestive issues, hormonal imbalances, and high levels of stress. In 2006, she began transitioning to a healthy lifestyle that required tuning into her body, and it sparked a passion for nutrition and wellness. Yoga has always been her first choice to de-stress, and helping others learn how to bring ease to the body is her passion. She has worked with Oncology patients, hospital staff, and the Denver community to support healthy lifestyles and behavioral change. Her experience with individuals is blended, one on one and in groups, and has given her the foundation to present wellness workshops for educators and therapists Ages 3 to 80. In her role as Integrative Care Director, she administers on-site integrative wellness programs and services for employees. Her studies at Duke University and with Amit Sood, M.D., Mayo Clinic have given her the tools to become a Nationally Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach, and offer evidence based techniques and behavioral change for nutrition, sleep, stress, mindset, environment, and sustainable lifestyles. Education: University of Colorado, Bachelor of Arts, Communication/Business. Nutrition Therapy Institute, Master Nutrition Therapist (MNT). Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT), Yoga Alliance. Certified Duke Integrative Medicine Health Coach. S.M.A.R.T. Certified Resilience Trainer, Dr. Amit Sood, May Clinic. Specialties: Kim’s wellness philosophy is to partner with clients to bring about change in their own lives, in their own way, by combining the art of self-care with the science of behavior change. Connecting with people and building relationships is something that really brings meaning to her work, and workshops she facilitates. Nutrition: Bringing awareness to people’s connection with food, sleep, hydration, elimination, and movement without judgement to evaluate physical and emotional reactions. Kim encourages and supports clients to see where they can make changes in their nutrition to improve their health. How Do I Fill my Cup?: Kim is passionate about practicing meditation and yoga. Exercise and movement help her attain a balance in life. Morning walks with her dog and admiring his curiosity with all the bunnies and different smells, along with his unconditional love, is also a joy. Listening to inspirational podcasts and hanging out with her husband and 2 active boys fills her cup with love and light.


Employee Wellness Health Coach, Wellness Coordinator

Background: Emma was born and raised in the Evergreen, Colorado. She spent much of her childhood outside and in the mountains, which helped her foster a deep appreciation for nature. Because creativity always fueled her fire, Emma pursued her interest and love of painting at the University of Colorado- Boulder, where she received her degree in Studio Art and Art History. During her time as a student, Emma developed a deep interest in health and nutrition after recognizing the direct correlation between what she ate and how she moved, and the impact this had on how her body felt and operated each day. After she graduated, Emma went on to teach elementary and middle school students, but never felt it was her true calling. While teaching, she began pursuing her passions in the world of holistic health, wellness, and healing. Experience: Because of her background in the arts and education, Emma’s approach to health and wellness is truly integrative. Education: Emma went through a Health Coach training program at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and is now a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. She became a Reiki Master through Inner Sanctum, and completed her 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Bali, Indonesia through Kindness Yoga. Specialty: Emma provides a non-judgemental and compassionate approach to guiding others on their journey. She is a believer in finding a balance and honoring everyone’s bio-individuality, and truly believes in the idea that everyone’s bodies are totally different and have different needs. Emma supports and empowers others, using tangible concepts of behavior change, mindfulness, and mindset, while providing a safe space to relax, heal,and be heard. How do I Fill My Cup? Outside and in nature! Whether that is skiing, hiking, yoga, painting, traveling, or spending time with loved ones and furry friends!


Aromatherapist, Integrative Health Administrator

Jennifer is a certified aromatherapist, Reiki Master, and pharmacy technician with an emphasis in holistic health. As Progressive Health's Integrative Health Administrator, Jennifer coordinates resilience programs and services. She brings her knowledge of aromatherapy, plant essences, and pharmacy to create unique phyto-essence options and essential holistic therapy. Jennifer is a professional member of NAHA, National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy and an enthusiastic educator who teaches various classes and workshops to fellow natural health professionals, medical professionals and the general public. Her greatest happiness comes from sharing the beauty of aromatherapy with others to help them achieve their health and wellness goals.

Leslie R.N., NBC-HWC

Integrative Health Coach

Background: My personal experience living with an autoimmune disease for 20 years has given me a passion for living a holistic lifestyle and helping others to manage and prevent disease while living their best life. I am originally from Tucson, Arizona and moved to Denver in 2015. Before I started my nursing career, I worked for the global education program Up with People as a Show Manager and Cast Manager. I am a Registered Nurse with experience in psychiatric nursing, long-term care and hospice, and care management. I fell in love with health coaching and have been working one on one and in groups for about 3 years. I have been teaching fitness and dance for over a decade, and yoga for 4 years. Experience: I have blended my experience in performance and facilitating multi-cultural experiential learning with my nursing and health coaching education to allow me to partner with and empower individuals to enhance their overall wellbeing. My studies with Dr. Andrew Weil at The Center for Integrative Medicine, and Dr. Sood's Stress Management and Resiliency Training has given me helpful tools that allow discovery of purpose and meaning as the foundation of health, and evidenced based techniques and resources to truly create transformation in multiple areas of one's life. We are dynamic and complex individuals, and thus my approach to wellness comes from multiple angles including nutrition, sleep, stress, mindset, environment and so much more. Education: Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of Arizona. Integrative Health Coach Certification from the University of Arizona's Center for Integrative Medicine. National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach. Group Fitness Instructor Certification, Registered Yoga Teacher 200-hr, GROOV3 Master Trainer and Instructor Specialty: Stress management and Resiliency, autoimmune diseases, group facilitation How Do I Fill My Cup?: I fill my cup through being around loved ones, dancing and performing, hosting dinner parties, drinking matcha tea, sleeping, laughing, traveling, playing with my puppy, and being active outdoors.


Employee Wellness Health Coach

Background: Bijan grew up in Chicago and moved to Colorado in 2013 to attend the University of Colorado, Boulder. After graduating with a degree in Integrative Physiology, Bijan had full intentions of enrolling into Medical School and following in his father’s footsteps as a general surgeon. As he shadowed physicians of all specialties and began to familiarize himself with our healthcare system, he noticed that this disease management system falls well short of adequately providing for all citizen’s health needs. After much consideration, Bijan decided to explore the up and coming field of health coaching. He immediately fell in love with this practice, which focuses on empowering the client to take control of his/her own health. Experience: After coaching tennis for over 5 years, Bijan is now dedicated to impacting people on a level that can potentially venture deeper than sports. Coaching tennis taught how to use a variety of approaches and foster an adaptive teaching style to most effectively help everyone achieve their goals; these same methods can be applied to health coaching. Bijan also has three years of experience as a medical scribe for a private practice in Illinois. Education: University of Colorado, Bachelor of Science, integrative Physiology. Red Rocks Community College, Associate of Applied Sciences, Integrative Health. Red Rocks Community College, Certificate in Wellness Coaching and Certificate in Integrative Health Professions. Duke School of Integrative Medicine, Certified Integrative Health Coach. Specialties: Certified yoga instructor in the style of Kaiut Yoga. Former tennis coach, piano teacher, and math/science tutor. Bijan believes all people have profound inner wisdom and knowledge, and we are all our own best “gurus”. In his practice, he always encourages starting with the “why” in order to obtain a stronger understanding of our values and the actions we take.



L.A.c., Master of Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine

Robin is a licensed and board-certified acupuncturist. She is trained as a generalist and specializes in pain management and stress relief utilizing a combination of modern acupuncture techniques and traditional Chinese medicine. She attended Southwest Acupuncture College in Boulder where she was awarded master’s degrees in Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine. Robin has experience treating Division I athletes and emphasizes the importance of correcting muscle imbalances before they lead to injury. She also helps identify internal disharmonies that are often found at the root of disease. Common conditions that she treats include pain, stress, anxiety, headaches, digestive discomfort, insomnia, menstrual irregularities, and more. Prior to her life as an acupuncturist, Robin was a world champion athlete in the sport of jump rope and acted professionally in numerous theaters around the Denver metro area. She also spent a brief time in New York City working in executive search serving clients in digital media and advertising. When Robin discovered her true calling to care for others, she returned home to pursue a fulfilling career in holistic healthcare. Robin is a Colorado native and is married to a nurse practitioner who shares her passion in finding ways for Eastern and Western medicine to work together. She and her husband live in Longmont with their six-pound rescue dog, Hudson. In their spare time, they enjoy camping, fishing, hiking, and playing music with their family. Robin is the proud owner of her Longmont-based practice High Point Acupuncture, and is thrilled to be at Progressive Health treating those who spend their days helping others.


Licensed Massage Therapist

Liisa is a Wisconsin native and a 1985 alumni of the New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics. She has her BA from Metro State in Physical Education - emphasis in Adult Fitness and Exercise Science. A long time member of the AMTA, she also holds her Board Certification with the NCTMB. She has held various jobs with many medical offices through the years and was given the opportunity to obtain her certificate as a Lymphedema Therapist through Klose Training. This renewed her passion for direct contact with patients and clients. Her hope is to stimulate a healing process and bring balance and awareness of self care to their lives. Continuing her coursework in oncology massage has brought her into the hospital setting at local facilities.


Licensed Massage Therapist

Dana is a professional and passionate clinical massage therapist with 8 years of experience specialized in sports, relaxation and rehabilitation soft tissue therapy. She attended Marquette School Therapeutic Massage in 2011, located in Marquette, Michigan, receiving her 500 hour certification in Massage and Bodywork. After graduating, she moved to the Chicago area to grow her practice in chiropractic, physical therapy and personal training settings where she became acquainted with diverse therapies, acquired finer palpations skills and explored various fitness regimens. Recently she moved to Colorado, motivated to continue her practice, and root herself into Denver’s wellness community; and found us! Her goal in treating patients is to create more than a 'feel good' experience. She incorporates functional massage, personal training, and self care strategies, mindful of patients in achieving their health and wellness goals. Over the years she has worked with an array of patients of various lifestyles. Ranging from individuals trying to rehab from an injury or surgery, people suffering from a sedentary or repetitive work force, competitive athletes trying to boost their performance, to those who are stressed needing to be centered physically and emotional with therapeutic touch. Dana’s thoughtful in making sure her patients needs are met and that their comfortable throughout the session and after, and is conscience about making the right recommendations in the patients best interest. Massage therapy to her is a modality focused on rejuvenating patients both mentally and physically for longevity of their well being. Dana is Trained in -Swedish massage -Deep tissue -trigger point therapy -Myofascial Release -Functional Range Release -Sports Massage/Stretching -Thai Massage -Manual Lymph Drainage -Post Surgery/Scare Tissue Therapy -Pain management soft tissue Therapy -Prenatal/pregnancy massage -chair massage -yoga teacher training


Licensed Massage Therapist

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“Thank You!! The services provided are great, wonderful and make my shifts much better.”
“Literally the BEST experiences I’ve ever had at work in 10 years!!”
“My stress level was really high and I only had 7 minutes in the chair because our floor was super busy. My stress level went from a 10 to a 4. Thank you for this space.”
“Love having access to massage chairs. The staff are so welcoming and helpful. Thankful for the Wellness Lounge.”
“The wellness lounge is the best benefit in the hospital. I have some physical pain issues and now that I can sit in a massage chair a couple days a week it helps me get through my day, and through my week, and through my crazy life.”
“The addition of the Wellness Lounge on A tower main floor has been a wonderful thing for the employees to use. Thanks so much for doing this for us! Much appreciated.”
“The massage chair was amazing! Love the mindfulness resources & focus on bringing that to everyday practice. Thanks!”